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Music Production

Find your Sound

These lessons are for anyone interested in producing music on their computer, regardless of style. Your instructor will be teaching you how to produce music with Logic, Protools and Ableton. You’ll experience the process of producing a piece of music with your computer, from developing the original musical idea through distributing a final mix.


Producing Music with Logic, Protools and Ableton

You instructor will be teaching your DAW of choice by sharing his screen via Zoom.


Mixing Techniques  

You instructor will be sharing a Logic & Protools & Ableton session (live band studio recording) with you. He/she will be teaching the different steps of the mixing process, including equalization, panning, dynamic processing (compressors, gates, expanders, and limiters), reverb and delays, as well as automation techniques and practical examples techniques in depth while sharing his screen via Zoom. The techniques presented apply to any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), or digital or analog console.


Recording and Producing in the Home Studio 

Your instructor will be teaching the basics of producing and recording and how to set up your studio. You’ll learn to identify and use specific recording techniques (Instrument and vocal recording techniques). 


MIDI Sequencing and Editing-Beat Making 

You’ll learn to create MIDI mockups that sound exceedingly realistic, by maximizing the potential of current sample libraries, professional MIDI editing techniques, and tools found in modern DAWs, and mixing tools like reverb and EQ.


Critical Listening  

You’ll learn to hear width and depth, frequency range, dynamics and the different mix approaches used in various musical genres as well as to optimize your listening setup into a more critical listening environment.


Music Production Analysis  

You’ll learn to analyze the essential elements of effective records, discover musical, emotional, performance and arrangement techniques designed to make your records into something that people are going to really want to listen to.


Audio Mastering Techniques 

You’ll learn to apply appropriate signal processing to enhance audio material, use advanced editing, noise reduction, and album sequencing techniques, prepare material for electronic delivery formats such as MP3 and AAC.

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