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George Karpasitis

George Karpasitis is a Cypriot guitarist, composer, producer, and educator based in Los Angeles, California. He holds a Master’s Degree in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games from Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain. His undergraduate studies include degrees from both King’s College London and the London Center of Contemporary Music. George has more than 10 years of experience teaching music, and has successfully prepared kids and adults for auditions, recitals, and performances. Although guitar is his primary instrument, he also teaches music theory, composition and production, as well as a plethora of other instruments he plays such as ukulele, bass, and piano. His approach is to tailor each lesson according to the student’s learning style, musical influences and goals.


As a solo guitarist, George has released two albums: 'Sounds of Mar Vista' (2019) and 'Breakwater' (2020). Both are collections of original compositions influenced by his Mediterranean roots, and his love for folk, blues and jazz. His first single as a singer-songwriter, titled ‘Speaking of Love’, was released in 2021, and is inspired by some of his all-time favorite artists such as The Beatles, Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Bob Marley and Bill Withers. He is also the guitarist for soul/R&B group Federal Av, who released their debut album in early 2022. George has worked in the music department for over 20 films, and has collaborated with award-winning composers such as Mike Post, Pinar Toprak, George Kallis and Carlo Siliotto. He has scored the discovery+ documentary 'Crutch' and has orchestrated music for Disney’s fantasy adventure ‘The Last Warrior’. His composition 'What These Ithakas Mean' was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, UK. He has also arranged music for the LA Virtuosi Orchestra, led by Maestro Carlo Ponti Jr, and has contributed music to podcasts, video games, and advertisements. As a music producer, George has a long standing collaboration with Boston-based songwriter Rick Hall, with whom he has released songs in a wide range of genres. He has also recorded and mixed music for artists such as Philip Hernandez, Winter Jendayi, Mestre Amen Santo and Corasonho. He regularly performs in the LA area and internationally, either as a soloist, or with one of the many artists he accompanies.


Career highlights:

-Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London.

-Released two albums of original compositions for solo classical guitar.

-Orchestrated music for Disney's fantasy adventure 'The Last Warrior'.

-Scored the discovery+ documentary 'Crutch'.

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