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Composition & Arranging

Find your Sound

Our composition instructors will help you develop your individual compositional voice alongside the study of contemporary music, orchestration, analysis, harmony, and counterpoint. Our coursework is a blend of both traditional and contemporary harmony, allowing you to receive an understanding of all contemporary composition styles from classical to jazz. Our arranging curriculum consist of arranging for small ensemble, arranging for stings and horns, arranging for orchestra and big band. 


For composition lessons your instructor will share his/her screen via Zoom and use Finale (music notation program). We found this approach to be very beneficial during the learning process.  


Basic Music Theory Knowledge

Generating A Groove and Chord Colors

Melody & Harmony and Power Progressions

Diatonic Functioning Chords

Dominant Chord Functions  

Roman Numeral Analysis    

Secondary Dominants    

Substitute Dominant Chords    

Modulation Considerations    

Advanced Harmonic Concepts 

Reharmonization Techniques   

Nonfunctional Harmony and beyond. (Music of Yellowjackets) 

Jazz Composition Techniques  

Melodic Considerations in Composition  

Harmonic Considerations in Composition  

Arranging for Strings  

Arranging for Horns     

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