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JP Dewey

Hailing from the Southerntier region of Upstate New York, JP Dewey is a versatile keyboardist, producer, arranger, and composer, with music spanning across a wide variety of genres and with work experience spanning across many facets of the music industry. He studied Contemporary Writing and Production with a focus in Writing for Television and New Media at Berklee College of Music, graduating Summa Cum Laude.

At 5 years old, Dewey began as a classically-trained pianist, before becoming a professional musician performing in the jazz, R&B, and pop idioms in his early teen years.


At Berklee College of Music, he studied piano primarily under Steve Hunt (Billy Cobham, Allan Holdsworth, Stanley Clarke) and performed for pop, Latin pop, R&B, and neo-soul artists, as well as playing and music directing in a number of musical theatre endeavors. He also arranged for large-scale concerts, produced and wrote with a multitude of artists across genres, and composed music for picture and commercial release.

Following Berklee, Dewey began working full-time as a music analyst for the company Hit Songs Deconstructed, while also writing jingles for small businesses in Upstate New York, joining the faculty at SUNY Cortland as a music director, and regularly performing for recording sessions and various gigs. Currently located in Los Angeles, he frequently gigs for a variety of R&B bands, produces and composes for artists, and continues to work for Hit Songs Deconstructed.


JP’s teaching approach utilizes a balance of student interests and engaging lesson materials to bring students to their fullest potential in a fun and enjoyable way. Having taught one-on-one for years, he loves adapting to each new student and is incredibly flexible.

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