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Drums & Percussion

Find your Sound

Explore the possibilities in a world of rhythm. Whether you play drum set or percussion our lessons will enrich your repertoire as you discover different techniques for improvisation, performing, and instrument proficiency. Improve your overall musicianship while expanding your knowledge of musical styles.


-Latin Percussions

-Steel Pan

-Mallet Percussion

 -Concert Percussion


Holding the Sticks

Basic Strokes

Warming Up with Rudiments

Basic Tone Production

Ride Cymbal Technique

Ride Cymbal Phrasing vs. Tempo

Basic Hi-Hat & Ride Practice Techniques


Staccato to Legato Phrasing


Slow Jazz Blues - 4/4 Time


Odd Time Signatures

Working with Vocalists

Brazilian - Introduction to Samba

Pop, R&B, Rock, Jazz Drums

World Music Styles

Drums and Percussion Instructors

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