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Mike Chapin

Mike is a drummer and music educator from Fairfield Connecticut. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2023 with a degree in Drum Set Performance, and is now based in Los Angeles. Mike has studied with dozens of acclaimed teachers including Dave Dicenso, Sergio Bellotti, James Murphy, Jim Royle, Francisco Mela and more. Mike’s fundamental belief is that letting music into your life will open unimaginable doors, bring new friends into your life, and provide a lifelong emotional and creative outlet for students to engage in. As a teacher, his goal is to foster musical prowess and develop solid technique, feel, ear and groove in his students.

Mike began gigging professionally in 2019, doing shows and recording sessions with various artists in the Berklee community, and working for various wedding bands in the Boston area. Mike also formed an online music collective around this time, known as, Apartment Project.


In his private lessons, Mike strives to share the lessons he has learned through his education, mentors and personal experience as a professional drummer. Matching the temperament and goals of each student is paramount to creating an atmosphere in which a student is excited to go back to. Over the years, Mike has honed in on a method for all ages and skill levels which ensures his students are not only learning and growing, but having fun while doing it.

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