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Film Scoring & Orchestration

Find your Sound

Our goal is to provide students with the educational foundation for careers as composers for visual media including film, television, animation and games. With the help of instructors graduated from Berklee College of Music, you will develop a foundation of creative musical skills, including composition, counterpoint, orchestration, and conducting as well as how to create a professional-level score mock-up.


Your instructor will be explaining the film scoring process in depth by sharing his/her screen via Zoom and use DAW of choice (Cubase, Logic, DP) as well as Finale (music notation program). 


Film Scoring Terminology 


Working with SMPTE Time Code 

Working with DAW 

Compositional Devices in Film Scoring   

Writing for Commercials   

Hybrid Orchestration   

Synthesis in Film Scoring    

String Writing   

Brass Writing  

Woodwind Writing  

Percussion Writing  

Full Ensemble Orchestration

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