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Emanuel Keller

Emanuel Keller (also known as EMAN) is a music producer, cellist, sound engineer and a graduate of the Music Production and Sound Engineering program at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston (Summa Cum Laude). Born in Israel, Emanuel has performed and produced projects with numerous highly acclaimed artists and has recently been nominated for a GRAMMY for his contributions as a producer and cellist on the album Shuruaat by the Berklee Indian Ensemble.

As a composer, he wrote the music for the short dance film SHIVTA (directed by dancer and actor Or Meir Schraiber) which was featured in film festivals around the world including the San Francisco Dance Film Festival. In addition, his work ‘A Gathering’, directed by award winning dancer Bobbi Jene Smith, was featured at FFDN Festival in Toronto.

As an engineer, Emanuel was working as an assistant producer at ‘Escobar Music’, a music production company owned by John Escobar, a highly acclaimed producer and sound engineer whose work includes Grammy-winning folk artist Sarah Jarosz, indie pop band Fences (featuring the Grammy-winning hip-hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis), and classical violin virtuoso Joshua Bell, among many others. Emanuel is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. His work strives to push the boundaries of cross genre mixes by drawing inspiration from pop, soul and global music.

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