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Group Piano Classes - July




4 Weeks

About the Course



AGES 7-12

START DATE: 2.06.2022



Learn How to Play the Piano!

In this fun piano course, the students will learn about fundamentals of piano playing while having fun! We will practice many different songs students recognize, so that they can put the skills they earn on our course into practice. By the end of this 8-week course, the students will have learned four new songs, will be able to identify different chords and notes to play different songs, and gain confidence in their musicianship skills. Of course, we expect students to practice after the next class to see a real progress!

INSTRUMENT REQUIREMENTS: Family pianos, electric keyboards, and toy pianos are all welcome!


- Students will be provided with a personal Google Drive link and have access to the documents used in the lesson and watch the recordings of the class to practice.

- We use Skype for our lessons.

- Students will have 1 lesson per week and will have a final performance in the final class to showcase all the things they will have learned.

- All the materials will be provided to you, you don’t need to buy any books for this course!

Important: This course is in 2 segments. You can choose to attend the whole 8 weeks of the course, or join the course along the way. The payments are taken for first four lessons, and will be renewed if you wish to continue.

You can see our course content below:

Week 5

06.30.2022 4p.m PST or 07.05.2022 8a.m PST

-Harmonic Intervals 4ths, 5ths.

-The C Major Chord

-Tied Notes

-Left Hand Bass Playing Over Triads

-Going over each students assigned pieces for graduation recital preparation

Week 6

07.07.2022 4p.m PST or 07.12.2022 8a.m PST

-C F G Chords for Right Hand

-Inversions of Triads

-Playing popular songs using the chords we learned

-Introduction to Improvisation it’s all about fun!

-We will have a guest musician joining our lesson to talk about improvisation and music in general.

Week 7

07.14.2022 4p.m PST or 07.19.2022 8a.m PST

-Let’s learn Blues!

- Fun Chord Progressions!

-Major Scales and Arpeggios

-Control of Dynamics, Phrasing and Articulation

Week 8

07.21.2022 4p.m PST or 07.26.2022 8a.m PST

-Minor Scales and and Arpeggios

-Introduction to different styles of music: Jazz, Latin, Pop

-Introduction to Music Theory and Harmony

-Graduation Song!

Your Instructor

Oskar Rittenburg

Oskar Rittenburg

Oskar Rittenburg is a pianist, producer, arranger and songwriter from Boston, MA. In addition to teaching, she is an artist extremely dedicated to creating and performing music, and has opened for acts such as Carole’s daughter and Yoandri. She loves collaboration, which is something she does frequently in both her artistic and teaching endeavors.

Oskar is an energetic and eclectic instructor with seven years of teaching experience. She is inspired by students at every level and prioritizes the interests of her pupils when preparing lesson materials. She enjoys encouraging creativity as well as the development of traditional technique. She has worked with a wide variety of students with different interest levels and learning needs, and will always find one way or another to make practicing fun.

Oskar is a graduate of Berklee College of Music, where she got her Bachelor’s in Contemporary Writing and Production with a piano principle. She also obtained a minor in Music Production at Berklee’s campus in Valencia, Spain.

Oskar grew up a self taught pianist and began classical training as a teenager. She found a passion for teaching after being hired to tutor local children, and went on to gain experience in private teaching, musical direction, and group classes. She took a leave from college to live in Los Angeles briefly and create her record “1v1.” She was brought back to the East Coast by the pandemic, where she reignited her passion for teaching through the remote model and finished her bachelor’s degree.

She often uses her arranging skills to make tailored adaptations for students featuring their favorite songs

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