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Stephània Pourgouri

Stephània (Stèphanie Pourgouri) is a R&B/Soul singer-songwriter and producer based in Boston, MA. Born to a Cypriot father and an Irish mother, Stephània was raised on the island of Cyprus and grew up listening to the sounds of Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire and Etta James. With her rich and warm tone, Stephània is best known for integrating her personal life experiences into her emotional story-telling music, creating an emotional connection between herself and her listeners.

Her latest singles 'Boy' and 'Tell Me' made it onto one of Northern Ireland's most notable radio stations, BBC Radio Ulster. In January 2022, Stephània went on her debut tour as a featured and background vocalist on the 'Life & Music of George Michael' North American Tour. Shortly after that, she graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a dual major in Vocal Performance and Contemporary Writing & Production.


In addition, Stephània recently moved to Los Angeles, California where she wishes to base herself out of teaching, performing, developing her artistry and making music with fellow musicians that inspire her. Stephània is currently working on new music and plans to release it in the very near future!


Another passion of Stephània's is contemporary commercial vocal pedagogy with her specialty being voice coaching for beginners of all ages. "Each voice is as unique and diverse as each individual and that's what makes my job so fun and interesting every single day. I love the feeling of fulfilment I have from helping my fellow singers improve in areas they didn't know they could improve in and I do that by using methods and techniques from Classical and CCM singing techniques."

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