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Arielle Ward

Arielle Marie Ward is a vocalist, songwriter and multi instrumentalist who grew up in the Pacific Northwest. She started writing music at the age of 11, and since that first song, has dedicated most of her life to singing and writing pop music.


In her teen years she spent her time directing a middle school choir, arranging for and singing in multiple vocalist groups, garnering multiple awards in the ICHSAS for solos and arrangements as well as many awards and a scholarship for her jazz vocal work.


Outside of group competitions, Arielle also started working as a session vocalist for library music with a local Oregon producer, and spent four years working on her debut full length album In the Clouds, which she wrote on her own and released in her graduation year. Arielle then attended Berklee College of Music on a songwriting scholarship.


She had always had a passion for writing music, but it was here that she fell in love with the editing and attention to detail needed to create the best possible song. She also found a love of vocal pedagogy and began teaching piano and voice lessons in her time in Boston. She continued teaching and began her songwriting lessons online through the 2020 Covid-19 shutdown. Since then, Arielle has moved to Los Angeles where she spends her time working as a session vocalist, and writing music for production libraries.


Just this year, she was nominated for Best Vocal Performance at The Production Music Awards. She has also been working on her own folk/pop artist project, Ariyel, for which she has found success on TikTok and streaming platforms, and continues to release music, post almost daily, and play shows throughout the LA area. She currently has released 3 singles and is set to release an album in 2023. Arielle still continues her love for pedagogy through her songwriting, vocal and piano lessons.

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